12 Things to Do On A Beach Trip

We are in the middle of the warm summer months, and it is time to think about a lengthy vacation to some of the beaches near you. However, beach trips can include much more than just sunbathing and swimming – there are tons of fun beach activities to prepare for, and they can make your vacation much more enjoyable. So make sure not to miss out on all the fun, and keep on reading to find out the best 12 things to do on a beach trip according to us.

Bring a Frisbee

The beach is a great place to practice all kinds of sports, as long as you remember to keep the people around you safe. One of the most accessible and easiest beach sports to get into is frisbee – the game has been around for decades, and all that you need to practice is it is a Frisbee disk. If you are already aware of this option, then you may want to look into some of the more ‘advanced’ Frisbee variations like Aerobie and Frisbee golf.

Gather Some Pretty Seashells

Seashells are a great memory to remind you of your beach vacation, and they can also be a great souvenir for friends. Furthermore, they can be used to craft beautiful, hand-made bracelets and necklaces – just look on the Internet for some tutorials. Last but not least, seashells come in all shapes, sizes, and colors – you may end up being pleasantly surprised by how the diversity and beauty of seashells.

Explore the Wildlife

The beach is home to many small critters that are absolutely stunning. Our personal favorite is the little crabs that can fit on the tip of a child’s finger, but there are also many other species to observe – jellyfish (just make sure that they are not dangerous) birds, turtles, clams, and more. To make your experience even more challenging and memorable, you may start taking pictures of every little creature you find – this way, you can create a makeshift gallery of your adventures with beach critters.

Build a Good Old Sandcastle

Playing with beach sand is a favorite activity of adults and kids alike – who does not enjoy building a sandcastle with the wet and moldable sand on the beach. Even if you are not that good of a builder, this is certainly a fun activity to share with friends, kids, family, or loved ones. If you want to take your ‘sandcastle crafting’ skills one step further, then look on YouTube for some sandcastle design ideas and inspirations.

Try Out Surfing

Surfing is a great water sport, albeit it might be a bit difficult to get into. Thankfully, if you are visiting a beach that is popular among surfers, then you will have the ability to sign up for surfing lessons with a licensed coach. Not only will they help you get into the sport, but they will also surf on the same board as you – this way, even people with zero experience can enjoy one of the greatest water sports.

If you do not feel like surfing is for you, then you may want to explore some of the other in-water activities such as jet-ski, waterskiing, or kitesurfing.

Bond with Friends and Strangers near a Bonfire

Do not forget that the beach is open at night as well! If you decide to go for a midnight swim, then we advise you to be careful and stay near the shore since there are no lifeguards. However, swimming at night is certainly not a very exciting activity. What is more exciting is lighting a bonfire at the beach and having a small party around it with your friends.

Join Some Group Activities

Beaches are a great place to meet new people, even if you are shy. There are plenty of group activities to take part in, and you may end up meeting some new people there – beach dance lessons, beach football, and beach volleyball are just some of the more popular activities that are enjoyable, and allow you to meet new people.

Practice Your Photography Skills

The beach is a great place to hone your photography skills, even if you do not aspire to be a professional. Modern smartphones have amazing cameras that can be controlled almost like professional cameras – all it takes is some desire to learn, and time to practice. Do not forget that the sand and water is not the only thing to take photos of at the beach – sandcastles, critters, landmarks, seashells, and even pebbles can make for some amazing pictures.

Visit the Boardwalk for Drinks and Entertainment

Beaches in popular resort towns and cities usually have a boardwalk filled to the brim with food & drink stands, cafes, arcade games, and various sorts of performers and entertainment options. If you have had enough of the hot beach, then a leisure walk along the boardwalk may help you discover some fun activities to try out.

Check for Hiking Trails

Many beaches have beautiful hiking trails in close proximity to them. These are a great way to explore the local nature and leave the beach for a while. Usually, these hikes are short and non-challenging, so you will not need special equipment or a guide.

Organize a Picnic

Many people tend to go over the top with junk food while on a beach vacation since it is very accessible during the day. However, junk food is not your only option – if you want to enjoy a healthier and even more affordable meal, you can organize a picnic with your group. Just grab a blanket, a big bag, and fill it to the brim with drinks, fruits, cheeses, snacks, and whatever else you feel like eating.

Visit Popular Fishing Spots

Many beaches have separate areas for fishermen, and this is a great place to spend a few hours of your time. Even if you do not have your own fishing equipment, there is bound to be gear for rent out there. Another thing to keep in mind is that these fisherman spots may often attract locals who will gladly have a chat with you and tell you more about the history of the area.

Beach vacations are a great opportunity to explore various activities, sports, and entertainment options. We hope that you will consider our suggestions on your next vacation and that you will share your experience.

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