Safari Activities – Things to Do On A Safari

If you have already planned your safari trip or you are just thinking about such a vacation opportunity, you should know that there are many side activities that you can participate in to enhance your safari experience. We have gathered several tips about things to do on a safari, and the best part is that our advice is applicable regardless of your safari destination – Zambia’s Victoria Falls, Tanzania’s Ngorongoro Crater, South Africa’s Sabi Sands Game Reserve, or any of the other safari destinations popular among travelers.

You can rest assured that the activities listed below will help you make the most of your experience and allow you to fully explore the surprises and beauties that modern safari trips have in store for you. Last but not least, we will list some pros and cons that may help you pick the right safari activities for you and your group.

Consider a Self-drive Safari

One of the biggest decisions that travelers must make when visiting a safari resort is whether they will rent a vehicle for a self-drive safari, or if they will go for one of the organized tours. Both of these options have pros and cons, so it is up to you to decide what choice is most suitable for you:

Driving your own vehicle will give you more freedom and flexibility, but you will need to stay concentrated at all times – while your group will enjoy the experience, the driver might not be able to fully appreciate the trip. On top of this, the self-drive safari option does not offer the visibility and entertainment of a guided tour – guided tours are usually carried out in special vehicles that give guests the best view possible. Finally, safari tour guide drivers are always communicating with each other, so they know how to quickly take you to the most entertaining spots.

To sum it up, the self-drive option gives you – more flexibility, more time to take pictures, and better comfort due to the availability of air-conditioning.

Book a Nighttime Guided Safari Tour

A nighttime safari is an entirely different experience, which has some cons that you must keep in mind. For starters, taking nighttime photos is prohibited, so you will not have anything to show your friends. However, a lot of the animals seen on safari tours are more active at nighttime, and this might be your golden opportunity to encounter the predators and animals that are more active after dark.

Sign up for a Guided Walk

While a motorized safari tour will allow you to cover more ground, it will not be nearly as exciting as a walking tour. However, there are several things to consider if you are planning a guided walk:

  • These usually occur in the early morning hours, and they only last a couple of hours.
  • You will not get as close to animals as you would with a vehicle.
  • You will need to book an armed and licensed guide to accompany you and lead you.
  • In some safari destinations, guided walks are very limited and are not enough to explore everything that the area has to offer.

Overall, a guided walk should always be combined with either a self-drive tour or a guided vehicle tour – this ensures that you will get the best possible experience.

Check Out Water Spots

Usually, safari trips are associated with drought, but many destinations have beautiful channels and streams that can be used for fun water activities such as canoeing, rafting, or kayaking. Of course, these will cost you a bit extra, but they are immensely fun and refreshing. Usually, these activities require you to be accompanied by an experienced guide who will help you stay safe along the trip.

Go Horse Riding

If you have never ridden on a horse’s back before, then a safari trip might be a great opportunity to try out this fun activity. The best part is that you do not need to go horse riding in a small field – there are special safari tours that carried out entirely on horseback. All you need to do is research the options at your desired destinations and see if horse riding is one of the services their guides offer.

Experience a Sound Safari

A ‘sound safari’ is a relatively new, but very special experience that every traveler should try out at least once. It is offered by many reputable safari tours, and it is just like a regular vehicle tour – however, all guests have a pair of headphones to use. These headphones are connected to a high-quality directional microphone that can pick up small sounds from meters away – the guide uses this piece of equipment to expose you to the sounds of the safari as if you were just a few centimeters away from them. There is nothing more breathtaking than hearing a lion’s breathing as if the majestic predator is right next to you.

Enjoy Nature from the Air with a Balloon Safari

Many people do not know that their travel options while on a safari can be very diverse. We already discussed walking, self-driving, hiring a driver, and horse riding. But what if we tell you that hot-air balloons are also a viable choice? Many popular safari destinations offer you the chance to get an aerial view of the beautiful wildlife, and you can rest assured that floating through the air in a hot-air balloon is a one-of-a-kind experience.

Attend a Wildlife Course

If simply observing nature is not enough to satisfy your thirst for adventure and experience, then you may want to consider looking into some of the short-term wildlife course that local experts offer. Thanks to them, you can learn more not just about the large animals, but also about the climate, plants, fruits, and all the small critters that belong in the savannah.

Before You Leave

As you can see, safari trips are not as one-dimensional as many people consider them to be. There are many ways to personalize your experience and get the most out of your vacation. Unfortunately, one safari trip may not be enough to partake in all of these activities, but this should not discourage you – you can look at it as an opportunity to plan more safari vacations in the future!

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